Friday, October 2, 2015

Painting and Pandora

The best thing to do while painting is to listen to a book on Audible or listen to music on Pandora.

Finally got the bedroom wall up, it is really starting to look like a camper.

Before you wallpaper, make sure you prime the walls! I am a nerd and want to know how to do things before I do it, so I googled how to hang wallpaper. Did you know you have to prime the walls before hanging paper? Well now you know if you didn't before. I had to put 2 layers of Kilz multi-purpose primer on the wood because the raw wood soaked it up. After it dried overnight I started to wallpaper. My overall idea for the camper is to have white bead board at the bottom and then have grey above that. Instead of putting actual bead board up, I found some wallpaper at Lowe's that is paintable wallpaper that looks like bead board. I decided I wanted to have it about 32.5" tall so I cut all my wallpaper to size and started hanging wallpaper. It was actually easier than I thought, and I used adhesive to help make the wallpaper stick better in the temperature changes the camper will inevitably see while parked. After hanging wallpaper on the walls I wanted I started on the grey color. My couch and cushions are a dark grey color (you can see from my post about sewing them) and my cabinets are going to be white.

This is the bedroom before painting

This is after I primed and painted

My husband changed all the wood on the dinette seats because either they had wood rot, or the paint would not adhere to them (plus the whole formaldehyde issue with the paneling worried me so we really gutted everything). Then started putting wood back on, and I decided to get actual bead board to do the backs in, which I think looks good so far. The flooring looks good with the wall paper too.

The hole in the side of the seat is actually where a vent cover goes (for the heater that is under the seat). I promise when I get everything completely done I will post better pictures.

I think I see a light at the end of this tunnel...

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