Monday, October 12, 2015

Cabinets and doors

My hubby has been mainly doing all the wood work on our camper (other than me assemble together by using a staple gun). But then I watched an awesome YouTube video by Gene Lonergan on how to make cabinet doors (I posted it at the bottom) which made me decide to invest in a Kreg jig and try my own hand in wood working. I have never used a saw or even made anything that wasn't already pre-cut and had instructions. Well, I haven't got much finished yet but I feel I have a great start. I wanted to use all the space available and make the cabinet more structurally sound that the original, so I did not use the old cabinet for much reference other than height and depth. I also wanted to utilize the space that was in between the couch and cabinet in the original set up. I found a good deal on a rev-a-shelf pull out trash can holder and it worked perfect for that space. I will post my pictures of what I got done this weekend using my kreg jig.

This is the original cabinet while it was still in the camper...

This is what it looked like after we took it out (and had it in our garage for a bit)

This is the work in progress...

The wood on the right with white paint is the frame for the jack knife couch.

It is not really attached to the camper yet, I wanted to make sure everything worked together before attaching it. I am glad I did it this way, I know that it will support the weight (of the range). I am trying to figure out drawers and cabinet doors now, so will update after I figure my layout. I am thinking about a paper towel drawer, a cutting board drawer, two tip out drawers in front of the sink and a tall skinny drawer of some sort, and more storage than it had before.

These are my cabinet doors for the bedroom before paint (I had been given the euro hinges a few moths back so I finally got to use them.

The youtube video:

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