Monday, August 24, 2015

We are now proud legal owners - received our Title

This post isn't as interesting as the actual fixing up, but figured I would post anyways in case anyone wanted to know the process of getting a title for a FEMA trailer through South Carolina (I don't know if it is any different for another state). I wrote this post in June but had a baby and didn't get to actual post it.

Being so new to buying a camper, when we first purchased the camper we were told that they did not have a title but could receive one through a bill of sale. We called the DMV before buying and was told that as long as we had a bill of sale we could fill out different forms and get tags for the camper. We bought the camper thinking we could at least get tags for the camper. After we bought the camper, we took the bill of sale to the DMV and was told that we had to have a title to get tags since it was newer than 25 years old (it had not been registered before either so could not transfer registration). We tried calling the person we bought the camper from and was not getting an answer. Long story short, when we bought the camper, it was actually the son of the person who last bought the camper (he was given the camper to do whatever with but the bill of sale was signed by the father and actual owner of the camper). I called the father after going through all of the papers that was given to us in an envelope and finding his phone number. He was very helpful and ended up going through the company he bought the camper from to get a paper that allowed titling of the camper and mailed it to us (we sent him a check prior to this to cover the expenses). We got the paperwork, took it to the DMV and after going through 3 different people (then having to go to Treasurer's office for taxes) we finally got a tag for the camper and was told would receive the title in the mail. Within a week, we finally got a title to the camper. We bought the camper in March, here it is June and finally getting a title. At least we are not sinking out money into something that we can never legally claim. I have read that it is hard or almost impossible to get a title for a FEMA trailer, but I am proof that with enough effort and not giving up you can finally get it.

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