Friday, May 22, 2015

New roof... new cushions... broke tibia.

The trip to Virginia was somewhat productive... and because I asked my husband to take pictures (was not there to take myself) I only got a few pictures.

When I ordered the roof for the camper, I ordered a 60 mil thinking it looked white on the picture (granted I am slightly color blind and the lighting of the picture did in a way make it look white in an odd light) but after receiving the roof I realized it was black (don't ask me how that I didn't notice the picture before it must be like the blue and black dress that looked white and gold to me). Well after looking at a white roof with same thickness realizing it would cost $200 more I just decided to keep the black and eventually will paint it with the white roofing paint from Dicor when I have more money to spend on the camper.

So my husband ended up re-doing the end walls to keep the camper structurally strong (instead of just and get rid of the wood that had been exposed to moisture. We had more family and friends to help there than we do in SC. He replaced all the wood for the ceiling and put on the new roof using Dicor roofing kit (adhesive, self leveling caulk etc). They started putting the poly-iso rigid foam in the ceiling for insulation that we bought on craigslist (a lot cheaper than buying it new and was in great shape). When he was putting the gutter back on the camper after putting the roof on, he learned a lot about ladder safety... make sure it is level before climbing up on a ladder. Well he only had a day or two left before he was planning on coming back to SC with the camper, and he fell off the ladder and broke his right leg (to be precise his tibia right at the ankle joint). So his trip and our camper renovations was cut short. My mother drove him home but we left the camper in Virginia at his mother's house because my mom was not comfortable driving the camper back here. His uncle and my dad said they would keep working on the camper until we could come back to get it, so there may not be any pictures on the stage of adding the walls back.

While my husband and daughter were in Virginia, I decided to take this time to work on my cushions (cutting the material out and starting to pin them together and sew). I have a few pictures of the process and the finished product. They came out actually nice.

(As you can see I don't have the cushions on the chairs yet, but I will post one after we get it all put back together... and my daughter had to take the opportunity to try them out already)

My husband had to have surgery on May 15 to put a plate on his tibia, and will be in a cast for 6 weeks. I am due on June 15, so most likely we will not have the camper finished before this baby comes. Hopefully we can get it done and be able to enjoy it before I have to go back to work after maternity leave (don't ask me how we are going to work on it with a newborn and a toddler, but one can hope).

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  1. When installing a roof, it's best to take the time to measure for the materials that are needed. The job doesn't have to be done in one day, but there should be some kind of cover on the roof for when you aren't completing any work so that the materials don't get damaged.

    Greg @ Chavez Roofing