Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cleaning cushions

There is just a few more days before my husband takes the trailer up to get help to do the roof and walls. I decided to get the cushions ready so I can start reupholstering them. I cleaned one in the bathtub and it took forever. I wanted to let each side soak in bleach and Borax water for 30 minutes on each side. If something takes too long to do something I put it off til the end (I am a procrastinator that is trying not to be). So I decided to tackle the other 3 cushions from the dinette at one time and use my kiddy pool to clean them. I used water from hose, All detergent, Clorox bleach and Borax to clean them.

Put them in the pool and used my feet to clean them (kind of like old fashion wine pressing) sorry I did not get any pictures of my adventures haha.

I rinsed them with regular water doing the same process basically as washing just trying to get them rinsed out. To get them dry I tried squeezing them out as much as I could and put them out in the sun to dry, but after a few hours they still felt really wet. So I remembered a trick that I saw online about trying to get cushions to fit in small spaces by using a plastic bag and vacuum and thought maybe I could do the same trick to get the water out using a shop vac. I couldn't find any huge trash bags so I folded them down and squeezed them into a kitchen trash bag and just got the hose and wrapped the end of the trash bag around the hose and turned it on. I held the bag up to get gravity to help the process. At first I wasn't sure it was even going to work, but after a few moments I started feeling a little difference in the weight and also noticed water in the shop vac. I moved the hose around to different spots to help get the water out, and 2 dumps of about 3 inches of water in my tiny shop vac for each cushion. I have a couple pictures to show the process (don't mind my pregnant belly or wood that is on the porch).

So I think I got enough water out that it can dry the rest of the way by setting them in the sun (plus help clean them more if needed).

While they were soaking I was taking the couch apart to try to salvage the foam and get a pattern for my new material but I am not 100% I can reuse the foam because the adhesive is ripping the foam apart. I may end up having to buy new foam to do the couch. I will post pictures about the couch reupholstering when I actually get closer to getting it done or at least getting the patterns cut out.

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