Monday, April 20, 2015

Taking a road trip to get some work done

Quick update:

So after only being able to work a little every weekend on the camper, we made an executive decision to take it back home to Virginia and work on it where we can ask friends/family to help us a few days to get what needs to be done. We are doing well on what we can do here on base, but moving it back and forth is hindering progress.

We started painting the beams we are keeping with Zinsser's mold killing primer just in case there is any mold spores from the rotten wood. I am planning on putting off a mold bomb after all the bad wood has been replaced before putting up new paneling. I have been scouring Craig’s list for insulation to use for walls, and waiting on a response from someone at the moment to see when I can pick up the needed insulation. Hopefully they still have it and not sold it to someone else (I have already spoke with them was waiting on a call to find out when a good time to pick it up).

So next week it's going on the road to VA and hopefully in one week we can replace the roof and all the roof paneling and the ceiling beams that needs replaced. All the structure walls and floors will be fixed and insulation installed (if we can buy before the trip), and paneling put up waiting on the interior walls and cabinets. My hubby has friends and family that have already said they are willing to help a few days, work on the camper, so hopefully by the time we get back to SC progress will be a lot further along and I will have better pics to post on here.

We are planning on changing the back layout a bit (bunk beds and bathroom area) just because I think the sink outside of the bathroom is odd, and it would be better to have a full size bottom bunk bed than what was in it.

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My ideas for color is grey and white with touches of black and maybe yellow and blue, but that may be a few weeks away before we think about that. Anyone have any ideas about what type of paneling is best for roof and replace walls? We got rid of what was in it but don't want to make the camper heavier than it was.

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