Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Playing catch up on my blogs...

We had a baby!! So things as you would imagine took a little break for the baby, but started to get back on track. Things that has happened since last post: Got the majority of all the walls and ceiling up, finished the couch (new cushion, new fabric - same old frame but spray painted black), checked all the wiring, started on wood frames for the dinette chairs, laid down a vinyl rug (faux hard wood floor that we got at a clearance store).

I think I will post individual post on how I did certain things like cushions, and cleaning exterior of the camper.

We put all new poly-foam insulation in.

Put new wood walls up.

Then put the flooring down. Its starting to look like a camper again!

Before we put all the ceiling up we checked that all the electrical was working and that was not fun. Let me just say before you rip apart a camper take so many pictures even if at the time you don't think you need them. Call electricians if you need a consult, and some wires have to be plugged into switches just to complete a circuit and make everything else work.

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